One of the best days of the Year

The first day of actual spring training games. Feels like spring. It’s only about 40 degrees in good ol’ NY, but it feels like I can go out in a t-shirt. Only about 3 regulars are going to Fort Lauderdale to take on the Orioles(Castillo, Church and Murphy), but it’s just good to have baseball back. Any sports fan will tell you that the time in February between the Super Bowl and the start of Spring Training games is almost torture, especially if you’re only a casual basketball and hockey fan(which I’m not, but the Knicks and Rangers give me agita).MLB Network is showing a couple of games on today starting at 3 and the first Mets game will appear on SNY tomorrow at 1pm.
3292204745-d7d996f363-small.jpgThanks to Matt Cerrone of for the cool photo.



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    And come to think of it, I was going to use that photo on the recent entry I just posted. Good thing I didn’t. It was a beautiful day today in Jersey as well. T-shirt status like you said. Good day overall with the Amazins showin’ up! Let’s Go Mets!

    – Donnie

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